Miller's Luncheonette Sign

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We're excited to pay tribute to one of the most iconic signs from Downtown Findlay. In honor of Greg Miller who lost his battle with cancer, we've arranged to give aí«ÌÎ_portion of your purchase to support Cancer Patient Services in Findlay, Ohio.í«ÌÎ_ Miller's Luncheonette was a Findlay staple from 1949-2007. í«ÌÎ_This short-order diner was known for its great burgers, fries, malts, roast beef manhattans, chef salads, pies and more. í«ÌÎ_ Miller's was a local hangout for businessmen, local politicians, city workers, college and high school students, families and more!

Miller's suffered through numerous floods, and a fire over the years yet still continued to serve up delicious, homemade food while providing a great place where friends would come to meet and eat.

The record flood of 2007 devastated the diner to the point that it was not possible to reopen. í«ÌÎ_ Miller's Luncheonette was the last of three Miller's owned restaurants that use to operate in Findlay. í«ÌÎ_ í«ÌÎ_ Designed and printed in Findlay Ohio. Soft comfortable tee.
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